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Modern US Coin Grab Bag

Modern US Coin Grab Bag

Exciting Selection of US Coins Grab Bag style without the mystery. Each grab bag contains the following U.S. coins:

10 Wheat back cents last minted in 1958,
1 Indian Head Cent over 93 years old,
1 Buffalo Nickel,
1 Silver Mercury Dime last minted in 1945,
1 Pre-1965 Washington Silver Quarter,
1 U.S. Proof Coin.

Order today and we'll include a Pre-1965 SILVER Roosevelt dime. Back in stock by popular demand. Don't miss the boat. First orders in are first orders filled. We expect tremendous response to this offer, so order now, and avoid disappointment. All coin conditions are good or better. Dates and Mint marks our choice.

Price: $19.50

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