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World War II Coin Set

World War II Coin Set

We've put this special World War II Coin set together with collectors young and not so young in mind. It's affordable, attractive, and easy to put away for passing along to future generations. Each set is handsomely tucked away inside a collector box while each coin is safely secured inside a quality plastic enclosure. A great educational gift idea and the perfect gift to send a grandchild back home with. This coin contributed greatly to the U.S. Military effort of World War II. As the supply of copper dwindled, the U.S. Mint took the bold step of making the 1943 Penny out of steel. While the coin was not considered popular at the time ( people cherished the ‘copper’ penny) it has today ‘won’ the admiration of collectors everywhere because of its unique composition and historical value. The U.S. Mint recognizing the ‘unpopularity’ of the 1943 Steel Penny, did something radical - they made the 1944 and 1945 pennies out of spent shell casings. The result was a coin that at least resembled ‘other’ pennies. Let your mind wonder for a moment, thinking about where these pennies may have been and what they were used for in a ‘previous’ life and their overall meaning to the history of the United States. Concerning the Belgian Franc, your first question might be “how does a Belgian coin belong with two U.S. Coins?” In late 1943, the exiled Belgian government knew that it was only a matter of time before the allies reclaimed the continent of Europe. Belgium would soon be free from Nazi occupation...but there was a problem-no money for circulation. So the U.S. Mint created a 2-Franc coin, specially made out of 1943 Steel Penny blanks. This solved two problems, it got rid of the extra blanks from a coin the U.S. Population didn’t like and it gave the Belgian government what it needed--currency.

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