Discovering Coins

By | January 9, 2017
Saddle Ridge Coin Hoard - original photo submitted to Wikipedia by Kagins Inc.

Saddle Ridge Coin Hoard – original photo submitted to Wikipedia by Kagins Inc.

Have you ever imagined discovering a rare coin? I certainly have. In fact, as a child I had to refill many a hole in my grandparents’ backyard in Texas as a result. 🙂 Still today I can’t help but examine any coin I might find on the ground. Most of us will not stumble across an amazing find like the Saddle Ridge Hoard pictured above or the Queen Anne Vigo Coin. But you will find coins. And you will find some you like.

Coin collecting is an adventure. Each coin you acquire is a discovery with a history, a purpose, and a unique set of characteristics. Once secured in your album or preferred method of coin storage, the newly discovered coin will wait patiently for you to uncover its mysteries. And unlike so few good things in life these days, coin collecting is no longer only a hobby for the rich and famous. My reasoning here is that unless you only live and operate with cash, one no longer needs to spend the coins they collect.

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