Fight Boredom – Start Collecting

By | July 18, 2016

July is National Anti-Boredom Month

Fight boredom!  Build a fascinating and rewarding Stamp, Currency, or Postcard collection.  What makes collecting such an interesting hobby to earn distinctions like the “Hobby of Kings”?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  We all have our reasons and stories.  Here are mine.

One summer when I was about 7 years old, I attempted to have my first garage sale.  My mother suggested the sale as a solution to my summer boredom.  For some reason I couldn’t see selling single items.  I had to have at least two of each item in case they proved popular, right?  I didn’t have quantities of any one thing.  And those that I did, I didn’t want to part with.  So I enlisted the help of a few friends.  One friend in particular had a shoe box full of eyeglass lenses.  They were of all shapes, sizes, and colors. (This was during the late 1970’s)  It never occurred to me that there were so many different kinds of lenses, nor that they existed outside of their usual frames.

I honestly do not recall if I sold a single item that day.  But I do remember buying that entire box of lenses.  Why?  Why do we collect things?  And what differentiates collecting as a hobby from hoarding as a psychological disorder?

I believe that disorder based hoarding is rooted in a fear of running out of a given resource or the fear of losing something that might prove useful n the future.  By contrast, a collection is a group of interesting items taken out of their normal context and set aside for later study.  Furthermore, as you accumulate collectibles of interest, you strive to find similar yet uniquely different items.  I believe that’s where the real fascination begins…comparing and contrasting amongst your collectibles.  It’s near impossible not to have favorites.

What about value?  Value definitely plays a role.  The current melt value of silver coins may spark your interest in certain coins.  But it’s the absence of value, opting to collect them instead of spending them, that defines the act of collecting.  Regardless of rarity or value, I at least pause a moment before spending any National Park Quarters. If a non-collector were to inquire about a U.S. Parcel Post Stamp in your collection, they’d likely only understand current values.  The fact that these stamps were the first to be used for mailing packages weighed in pounds as opposed to ounces is something that only a stamp collector would find valuable.  Value can also provide comfort.  Even if the person that inherits your collection doesn’t share your love for the hobby, they will understand its value.  If the collections are organized into stamp albums, coin folders, or banknote pages it would only make sense to research the collectibles before taking any actions to sell.

My interest in eyeglass lenses lasted about 1 day if I recall correctly.  But they did begin my appreciation for varied yet similar items taken out of their normal use.  Further lens collecting could not have been a very productive hobby, however.  Acquiring the next intriguing lens would have meant talking someone out of their eyesight.  You have to be able to get your hands on new and increasingly varied collectibles to satisfy your appetite.  This is why I find our approvals service to be the perfect compliment to collectors and their collections.  Each month you receive a new selection of stamps, coins, banknotes, or postcards that fit your specific areas of interest.  Only those collectibles you approve for your collection need be purchased.  The items you return are then sent to other collectors for consideration.  Unless you travel the globe on a weekly basis, there is no other way to examine such a huge variety of collectibles with your own hands.  Let us help you build your collection!  Try our stamps on approval, coins on approval, banknotes on approval, or postcards on approval services.  You’ll never be bored again!

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